Super Neckbeard

Release date: March 28, 2015.
Platforms: Flash.
Coding Language(s): Actionscript 3.
Engine/Libraries: Flashpunk.

A hard as nails retro platformer starring an internet stereotype in a lustful quest for a not-so-fictional woman. Collect "chicken tendies" to use your powerful weapons and fight manifestations of internet culture. This game has more narrative focus than any before it, but not that much.

screenshot screenshot screenshot

This was a Flash game, so unfortunately it can no longer be played in browsers. It can be played using the program Flashpoint, but there is not yet an official curation.

Access the .SWF file

Sequels to this game have been planned and prototyped many times, but none have reached any significant stage of development so far.

irrlicht prototype sn2 prototype sn2 prototype 2