This page is where I put notable creative/programming projects that I've made that aren't games.

Total Editor 3

This is a 3D tile based map editor, succeeding the Total Editor 2 included with my game Total Invasion II.

It features an interface for laying out 3D shapes in a grid, assigning textures to each one, and adding entities with arbitrary properties. The map is saved as a custom format, but can also be exported as a .gltf file that includes entity information and separates geometry into regions.

This is mainly for my own use, though I have included instructions and have tried to make it somewhat user friendly. It is unlikely to get many updates in the future, unless people are actually using it. 

screenshot screenshot screenshot

Download for Windows

Download for Ubuntu

Source code on Github


The Cronikles is a cartoon series that I created some years ago, based off of characters that I had drawn since early childhood. Though it has effectively ceased to be made due to other priorities, I like to make references to it now and again in my creations.

I started animating using the software Anime Studio Pro (now called Moho 12), because I got an older version for cheap online. It's unique in that the software focuses on computer generated vector animation - instead of drawing every frame myself, I would define the shape of the drawing and then have the computer interpolate it from one keyframe to another. You could also define a "skeleton" for a character that would deform the drawing to match the skeleton's pose, much like in a 3D animation package. I relied heavily on this feature, and so the character animations were somewhat stiff and only faced one or two angles. However, this allowed me to make animations more quickly, which was important for a solo project, since I also did most of the music and voice acting by myself.

While my friends and family enjoyed the cartoons thoroughly, I eventually found that I was lacking in inspiration. I had a lot of ideas for where the series could go, but my desire to have a compelling story conflicted with my desire to make a primarily humorous series. A lot of the setting and character behavior was rather inconsistent across the episodes and it was hard for me to decide on. There is hope that The Cronikles will continue in the future, but it may be a very long time. Since I tend to prefer making games over animations, I might revive it as some kind of tactical RPG game...

Character Descriptions

Watch The Cronikles on my Youtube channel: