Feta Feles

Release date: December 13, 2015.
Platforms: Flash.
Coding Language(s): Actionscript 3.
Engine/Libraries: Flashpunk.

Initially made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34. Inspired by a dream I had when I was very young, this game imitates the style of a top-down shooter that could go on the Commodore 64 or something else of that era. It features a shocking narrative involving a cat creature named Feles that I will not be spoiling here.

Access the .SWF file

See the Ludum Dare page

This game is my first to focus on mood, that being creepiness and confusion. Since Flash as a useable platform had 'died' in 2020, this game can no longer be played in browsers. So, later I remade the game to be runnable without Flash; see Feta Feles Rebirth. If you want to play the original, then you can find it on the flash game archive program Flashpoint.