Feta Feles Rebirth

Release date: March 23, 2021.
Platforms: Web, Windows, Linux.
Coding Language(s): Go.
Engine/Libraries: Ebiten.

Feta Feles Rebirth is an eerie bullet hell shooter, featuring a small story based around your 'pet cat.' You must help your cat grow healthy and strong by hunting for food in deep cave systems. Harvest fuel from the many monsters in order to ascend to your ultimate form and summon your prey.

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This game is a remake of Feta Feles, a 48-hour game jam entry I made with Flash in 2015. Because the Flash platform had shut down, I wanted to preserve this game and also make it better. I rewrote everything using Go with the 2D drawing library Ebiten. This was my first project using the language, taking about 2 months to make. The good thing about this toolset is that it allowed me to easily transform my project into a web game by compiling it into WebAssembly.

View the source code on Github