Total Invasion II

Release date: July 29, 2015.
Platforms: Windows.
Coding Language(s): BlitzMax.
Engine/Libraries: OpenGL.

An ambitious sequel to Total Invasion, taking inspiration from even more 90s first person shooter tropes. It features 30 maps of chaotic shootin' and slappin'.

Wield rather impractical weapons such as:

  • Sickle that can be thrown and then brought back like Mjolnir
  • Egg launcher that sometimes spawns chickens
  • A double-barrel grenade launcher
  • A street sign (the most powerful weapon)

Fight against a vast army of strange hooded folk (wraiths) that sound like they're drowning in a toilet.

Playing as a grumpy cat-girl soldier, your goal is to infiltrate the wraith home world and stop the invasion at its source. However, you may find that even fate itself is set against you.

A remake is currently in the works that will feature significant difficulty balances, improved controls and physics, and more content!

Download for Windows

Download for Linux (Debian)

The Linux version requires these libraries:

sudo apt install libglu1-mesa libasound2 libfreetype6 libxpm4 libxft2 libxxf86vm1 libpulse0 libopenal1 libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 libgtk-3

The game's engine was made "from scratch" using the low level graphics API OpenGL and some BlitzMax standard library functions. A few years later, I started to rewrite the engine to run in browsers with Javascript's WebGL functionalities. This port was not finished, and may never be finished, but I think it's neat.

Try the prototype WebGL port